Best Travel Sites – A Way to Find Cheap Air Tickets |

People travel from one place to another a lot. And for traveling air travel is the best. It is the fastest and most comfortable mode of transport. But airfare is quite high. It is quite expensive for middle class people like you and me. But even you can avail the air transport facilities if you know the tricks of air tickets with the help of best travel sites.

Always keep in mind that in order to get cheap airfare you should book your flight tickets at least 3 months before the flight. Start planning your holiday beforehand so that you can buy the tickets quite a long time before the stipulated time of your journey. Always remember that in high season when there is a lot of air traffic you should buy those 3 to 4 months before the date of your journey. In low season booking your ticket before 1 month of the day of journey will be enough to get cheap air tickets.

After doing a lot of research experts say that on a particular day of the week air tickets are sold at a comparatively lower rate than the actual price. Normally that day of the week is Thursday. This is because on Thursdays after midnight airplane companies start reselling the tickets that were not sold on the last week.

When you are buying tickets you should also check that you are not booking them on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. These are the days when business travelers travel a lot generally, so the prices of the tickets are a bit higher then other days. Try to make your journey on the rest of the days to get cheaper air tickets.

Now when you know the tricks, you should search the best travel sites. First you should search for the aggregator sites. In these sites with the help of the search engines you can find all the best travel sites simultaneously. This way you will get the knowledge of the best travel deals that are available online. You do not have to search one site after another but you will get all the information you want at one go. After you have searched for the best deals you can now go to individual company sites and search for even better offers.

Thus following this advice if you a put a bit of effort in searching the sites and have a little patience you will surely get the cheapest air ticket possible.

Safe Travel in Mexico, What Is the Truth? |

It’s Summer mid-week. The fresh sea breeze has cleared away the morning fog, and the skies are blue over the Pacific. Rosarito Beach is quiet today for which I am personally grateful, but many pray for the return of the booming tourist business. I step out of my car, having found a convenient parking place in front of the fish store. Walking inside I am greeted by a friendly “Hola!” A light smell of salt and sea life is present and I swear the fish are so fresh they are still wiggling. Leaving, with a full bag of shrimp, the man calls out to return pronto. Sunlight is bright and I marvel that the streets are devoid of the bare-skinned summer youth. They used to fill the streets. They have not returned in any great numbers.

However, there are thousands of us who never left. We foreign residents transplanted into northern Baja for many different reasons. Even through all the many changes that have taken place since 9/11, we didn’t leave. Of course, it is an old story that the Mexican people have paid a very high price for all the fluctuations in US economy; terrorist attacks, closing of the border, real estate booms and crashes, and the latest is the blatant media attack and travel warnings declaring how dangerous it is to travel here. I don’t intend to minimize the fact that there is violence in the world. Violence against one another is a holy war that still rages. Instead, I am suggesting that a peaceful life in Northern Baja is a newsworthy truth. For most of us who live here, we would not choose to live anywhere else.

The past Mayor, Hugo Torres, began the campaign to clean up the streets of Rosarito, and he did just that. He then took on the US media. What was happening to tourism in the Northern Baja cities was “Murder by Media” he said and an all-out effort to kill the tourist trade. The residents can support his view entirely. We are witness to the constant media’s lack of good journalism when reporting about Baja. It is a blatant and relentless intention to feed a negative image to travelers. We all just look at one another and shake our heads in wonder. The truth is that we live the most peaceful lives of any people anywhere, and this includes the United States of America.

“Aren’t you afraid to go to Mexico?” is becoming a tiresome question. It makes no sense to put out a travel warning to stay away from Baja, because there is violence in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, across the border from El Paso, Texas. It would be like Mexico telling people in Baja not to travel to California because there was a mafia shootout on the streets of Chicago. Admittedly, it does require a reasoning mind.

Robert Reid, Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor, reports:

“What we don’t get from most reports in the US is statistical evidence that Americans are less likely to face violence in Mexico than at home.”

Tijuana has dropped off many of the most violent cities in the world lists. It has seen an increase in business travelers, medical tourists, and day visitors. It is, in fact, more dangerous to visit Disney World of Orlando than Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, reports Reid.

The State of Texas Department of Public Safety advised against “spring break travel anywhere in Mexico.” Suggesting instead, places like Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica, all of them having much higher homicide rates. “Mexico may be more dangerous overall, but not for Americans.” This, according to the FBI crime statistics, is less than half of the US national rate for crimes against Americans. Texans are twice as safe in Mexico and three times safer than in Houston.

Reid further reports that New Orleans broke its own tourism record last year, 8 million visitors. It had ten times the US homicide rate, and close to triple Mexico’s national rate. Even the violence in Juarez dropped 45%. Most of Mexico’s 31 states are not on the State Department’s travel warnings. The warning does recommend against travel to select parts of other states. Thirteen States are completely free from the warnings, including Baja Sur. Reid gives thumbs up to Mexico travel, saying that the Lonely Planet “took on the subject simply because – as travelers so often know – there is another story beyond the perception back home.” He goes on to stress, “And, equally as important, Mexico makes for some of the world’s greatest travel experiences.”